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Natural. Plant based. Clean.

Mists naturally deodorize the air without the use of chemicals. The addition of witch hazel makes these fantastic facial toners. Can also be used as “perfume” or a linen refresher.

Warming - a spicy blend of cloves, cinnamon, ginger with a hint of citrus lime. Removes harsh odours from the air. 

Breathe Easy - eucalyptus blend with tea tree and peppermint to clear the airways. Can be used to relieve cold symptoms, promote relaxation or lightens one mood. 

Relaxing - rose and lavender - a blend of rose and lavender to promote a sense of deep relaxation, love or lust.

Calming - lavender - promotes sleep, alleviates restlessness and anxiety. Spray on pillow or bedding to aid in a restful sleep. Spray in room for instant calming.